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From Google, in 2010, which percentage of companies´ suppliers in the DRC are certified as called "conflict free"? 12% 36% 54% Answer D
How many monthly death is there in DRC from 12 years? 25 000 45 000 5 000 70 000
Who are the victims of the diamond conflict? African States Investors Rebels groups Weapon Industry
Which company was the world´s greatest financer of mineral conflicto in 2010? Apple Microsoft Samsung Sony
Which of these affirmations is wrong? Congo has a stable government Congo has one of the worst HDI score Congo is a democracy Congo was the poorest country in the world in 2014
Kimberley Process deals with certification of which mineral? Diamond Emerald Gold Ruby
Which Act deals with disclosures regarding sourcing of conflict free metal? Dodd Franck Act Glass Steagall Maastricht Treaty Act Privacy Act
Which company is sourcing 100% conflict free tantalum? Intel Microsoft Samsung Sony
What is the Kimberley Process? A football team It is a congolese law to fight against illegal weapons It is an International Diamond Certification It is an International Metal Certification
If we say Blood Diamond, we think in... Bob Marley Justin Bieber Sexion d´assault The Pink Floyd
What do you think when I told you Blood Diamond? Jacque Jean Paul Sexion d´assault
How among the four is not in 3TG? Tantalum Thorium Thungstene Tin

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