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Compléter les paroles de Mariah Carey

Complétez la chanson 'Fantasy' de Mariay Carey: I'm so into you,darling if you only knew... All the dreams I have in my mind All the fat I have in my ass All the love I have inside All the things that flow to my mind
Complétez la chanson 'Touch my Body' de Mariay Carey: I want you to caress me like a tropical breeze... And float away with you in the Caribbean sea And go away with you in the sea And go to holidays with you darling And go to holidays with you in the sea
Complétez la chanson 'Can't let go' de Mariay Carey: Even though I try I can't let go ,something in your eyes... Captured my soul Made me happy Taken my breast Touched my heart
Complétez la chanson 'Shake it off' de Mariay Carey: I gotta shake you off... Cause the loving ain't the same Cause the players gonna play, play, play Cause you keep on going away Cause you played too much with me
Complétez la chanson 'I'm that chick' de Mariay Carey: I do's it naturally... Because I'm strong Hypnotize like Biggie Like a superstar Like a superwoman
Complétez la chanson 'One sweet day' de Mariay Carey: Never had I imagined... Be alone Be in your bed Living without you Living without your smile
Complétez la chanson 'Anytime you need a friend' de Mariay Carey: And love will be there... To guide you home To lead the way To save your soul To take my breath
Complétez la chanson 'It's like that' de Mariay Carey: Me and my girls on the floor like what... While the DJ keeps on spinnin the cut While you cooked the breakfast While you keep looking at me While you listened to the DJ's music
Complétez la chanson 'Loverboy' de Mariay Carey: I got myself a lover.... Who have a big dick Who is so beautiful Who is so sublime Who knows what I like
Complétez la chanson 'Honey' de Mariay Carey: It's like honey when it washes over me... You know I love when it's sticky You know I love you honey You know sugar never ever was so sweet You know you are my fantasy

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