Who wants to be a science master ?

How far from earth is the sun? 121 million miles 54 million miles 72 million miles 93 million miles
Electrons are bound into atoms by : Electromagnetic force Gravity Strong nuclear force Weak nuclear force
The weakest of the 4 fundamental forces of nature is: Gravity The Electromagnetic Force The Neutron The Weak Nuclear Force
If you mix yellow paint with cyan paint you get: Green Paint Orange Paint Red Paint White Paint
H is the letter symbol for which element? Bromine Calcium Hydrogen Magnesium
Green plants harness the energy of the sun in a process called: Evaporation Photosynthesis Respiration Transpiration
The subatomic particle, the proton, has what sort of electrical charge? Excited Negative Neutral Positive
The earth revolves annually around this body : Mars Milky Way Galaxy Moon Sun
When Uranium 238, found naturally in rocks, decays by alpha emission, it is transformed into: Thorium 230 Thorium 234 Uranium 234 Uranium 238
Pick the unit of electrical potential: Amp Newton Ohm Volt

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