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Who wants to be a science master ?

How far from earth is the sun? 121 million miles 54 million miles 72 million miles 93 million miles
Quel est l'unité de l'intensité Ampère (A) Mètre (m) Volt (V) Watt (W)
Comment mesure t on l'intensité? Avec un ampèremètre Avec un mètre Avec un voltmètre Avec une éprouvette
Electrons are bound into atoms by : Electromagnetic force Gravity Strong nuclear force Weak nuclear force
The weakest of the 4 fundamental forces of nature is: Gravity The Electromagnetic Force The Neutron The Weak Nuclear Force
If you mix yellow paint with cyan paint you get: Green Paint Orange Paint Red Paint White Paint
H is the letter symbol for which element? Bromine Calcium Hydrogen Magnesium
Green plants harness the energy of the sun in a process called: Evaporation Photosynthesis Respiration Transpiration
The subatomic particle, the proton, has what sort of electrical charge? Excited Negative Neutral Positive
The earth revolves annually around this body : Mars Milky Way Galaxy Moon Sun
When Uranium 238, found naturally in rocks, decays by alpha emission, it is transformed into: Thorium 230 Thorium 234 Uranium 234 Uranium 238
Pick the unit of electrical potential: Amp Newton Ohm Volt

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