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Test Q.I. 1

How many days of birthdays is a person who has lived 50 years ? 1 25 49 50
I divide 40 by one half (1/2), I multiply everything by 2, and I take off 60. How have left me? 0 100 -20 40
Certain months of the year have 31 days. How many have 28? 0 1 12 6
You put your alarm clock to ring at 9 in the morning and you go to bed at 8. How long can you sleep? 11h 1h 4h 7h
How much does - he of seven (7) between 0 and 100? 11 17 20 7
There are 10 plums. You take 4. How much do you have? 0 10 4 6
How many are there of 'f' in the sentence: finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years? 2 3 4 6
An Eskimo has 23 sled dogs. Before a shipment, a disease the surprises, and all die except 7. How much left to the Eskimo to pull the sled? 1 16 23 7
A water lily on a pond, double in size every day. At the end of 100 days, it completely covers the pond. In how many days it covers half? 10 days 49 days 50 days 99 days
A blind man is the brother of two people. But those two aren't his brothers? Who is this? Her best friends Her cousins Her mirror His sisters
Your doctor prescribed pills to take every half hour. It gives you 3. For how long will you take with these 3 pills? Half hour Hour Hour and a half Hours
comment faire une phrase au BE+ING On écrit BE conjugué+le sujet +la bas verbale+ING On écrit le sujet +BE conjugué+base verbale +ING On écrit le sujet +la base verbale+ING+BE conjugué On écrit le sujet puis le verbe

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